SQT: YouTube InVideo Programming

In today’s SQT video, I’ll be showing you this new feature YouTube came out with called, Invideo Programming.

I learned about it on Pat Flynn’s latest post which he learned from YouTube expert Gideon Shalwick.

I tried it out, like it, and thought I’d make a super quick tutorial on it.

It’s really simple and easy to do and we all know how much I love simple and easy ;-)

Here’s the SQT video on Invideo Programming:

(click here to watch the InVideo Programming tutorial on YouTube)

This latest feature by YouTube has been in my opinion the best in a long while. I mean it allows you to showcase your videos on all your other videos in your channel.

I have a boat load of videos. Not all get viewed on a daily basis. But I have some that get hits every single day and with this new feature I can give some of those low viewed videos some help.

I can also showcase promotional videos. For example, I have my Timeline Slicer Pro videos on my channel so I can choose one of those to showcase on all my other videos.

This will not only get more views to my promo videos, but also get more exposure to my product. You see the potential here ;-)

I don’t do much of these youtube trick things, but this one I’m sure I’ll be using a lot.

The only thing I would add to this is the option to showcase an invideo on an individual video instead of all the videos. Right now you’re only able to have one invideo show on all videos.

It’s cool though. I’m sure YouTube has it on their to do list ;-)

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    • Joey K. says:

      No problem brohta. I’m digging your content on your site bro. I’m a video guy too. We’ll have to connect to possibly get you on my podcast show ;-) Thanks for stopping by.

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