How to Write For Profits In 2012

writing-for-profitsThis is another great guest post by my good friend Onibalusi Bamidele from

The world is changing fast and the internet is booming with opportunities right now.

The standard idea of success a few years ago was to go to school, get good grades and be employed. Times are changing fast and people are starting to realize things are different right now.

The thing about generating income online these days is that writers have the upper hand. Almost everything we have to do online is centered on one thing, writing, and if you’re not smart enough you will end up missing out.

I have been writing for profits for a few years now and I’ll be giving you tips on how to write for profit in this article.

People Pay for Expertise, Not Writing

An illusion most writers believe is that their writing is worth a lot and this ends up hurting career. Your writing is hardly worth anything.

Just take a look at all those people posting $1 – $3 jobs online on sites like Elance and Guru, take a look at them and you have one thing in common. You both write, but you wouldn’t want to get paid $1 for an article now, would you?

The number one reality that will separate those who will succeed this year from those who will fail is understanding that people don’t pay for writing. People don’t care about your writing because everybody can write.

In fact, if given access to the right tools a 10 year old boy can write an extensive article but the question is, what’s the value of the article?

While most people easily got away with producing crap content last year I can tell you that things are different now and only writers that provide value will stand.

Take a look at what is going on the world of blogging and SEO and you will have a better idea of what I mean. All the Google panda updates, new search engines catching up on the importance of quality content and a lot of changes.

This is exactly why blogging is becoming more important…but not just any blogging, quality blogging!

To succeed this year you need to change your mindset and your approach. Don’t bid on skills, bid on expertise.

Start working on improving what you know, start working on improving your results and focus on expertise to improve your overall profit.

Your clients only care about the results they’re getting and expertise is a sign of results. Focus on gaining more expertise and you’re on your way to writing for profits.

It’s Not about How Good You are, it is about the People that Know You

If you take a look at the most successful people in any field today you will notice that they aren’t really the best at what they do; there are a lot of unknown people with better skills than them and some of these people are working directly under them.

The question now is why are these people getting the respect, the money and the authority that comes with their position instead of someone who REALLY can get the job done?

Why are they successes while the others work under them? It surely isn’t about the skills, and we all know that. But why?!

In case you’re yet to catch on, there’s one simple reason for this, there is one key difference between those on top and those beneath them and this has nothing to do with skills.

The difference between the people on top and those working under them is that they’ve been able to convince people that they’re the best at what they do. This doesn’t necessarily have to be true, but it is true if people believe it.

Even if you are to convince people that you’re the best, how can you convince people you have no access to?

Things will change this year and marketing will have an impact more than ever. It’s getting more competitive and difficult to stand out and you have to realize that it’s all about those who know you.

Instead of emphasizing how many years of experience you have and letting the total newbie take over, why not do something different? Why not try to position your message and get it across to as many people as possible? Why not deposit a lot more into your exposure account?

Exposure isn’t necessarily money but you can do nothing without exposure. Work on increasing exposure to your writing and you have a higher chance of profiting as a writer.

It’s All about Cross-Promoting Yourself

Time is running out fast for those who are over dependent on a particular system.

Take a look at what is happening in the SEO world right now. A lot of big online businesses that have built their business around Google are suffering huge loss in rankings, leading to huge loss in traffic and eventually huge loss in revenue.

Don’t just write for your blog, do more!

Don’t just write guest posts, don’t just comment on other blogs, don’t depend on SEO and don’t just rely on social networks. Do more than that; expose yourself, market yourself more and spread the word.

Start using document sharing sites, start doing more forum marketing, work on creative partnerships with friend bloggers and look for ways to increase your chances of getting results.

The more platforms you’re able to expose yourself to, the more rapidly you will grow and the increased chances for success you have.

What are You Doing?

What are you doing to increase your profits this year? How is your business faring? Kindly let us know what you think in the comments!


    • Joey K.

      Thanks Len, really do appreciate the honest feedback. Many people don’t realize how much that helps us to improve on what we do. Will definitely keep this in mind bro…

  1. Good post, I like the way you think..On the other hand, I have no idea how good my writing is. My visiteres tell me my writing is good, but then their just there to link onto my blog..I know this because they never take action, never really interact to my articles, if you know what I mean.. Lately I have been linking to athority sites and it’s bringing in more traffic. I need LOTs! Ha!Ha! If you have the time, stop by sometimes read my articles and let me know how I’m doing. just need to know how I’m doing, I do write in story line and that is a little different..
    Love the way Joey writes and you too, Bamidele. Thanks for the info, I’ll give it a Tweet..

    • Joey K.

      Hey Janice thanks. I’m glad someone like my writing ;-)

      Anyway, I fell ya on those commenting moochers. They’re always going to be there, nothing you can do about. The best thing to do is to set your comments to “Admin must approve all”. This way you view them first before it goes live. It’s a bit time consuming but well worth it.

      Also many people are just supporters. Even though they won’t take action, they are there to support you and that’s always a plus.

      I have one rule of thumb. Don’t blatantly promote links on my comments. All else, Depending on the comment, will go.

      I’ll go over to your site and check it out. Best advice I can give you before I go is to KEEP writing. It’s the only way you’ll get better.


  2. Hey Bamidele,

    Blogging really is a new game, but has soooo much potential. This year I am sharing my knowledge of article marketing, video marketing, and list building with anyone who is willing to listen in an attempt to create a following of like minded individuals who wish to succeed online.

    By sharing and helping other, I too will benefit by making a little money, which will turn into a full time income over time… That is my plan and goal for 2012.

    Thanks a lot for sharing!


    • Joey K.

      Well blogging really isn’t all that new, but maybe it is to you ;-)

      Good luck in your online ventures. Just make sure you do things the right way, and you’ll be all good.

  3. Larry

    Great post Joey. I been following Bamidele since the last post he did. This year I’m working on driving more traffic to my review sites. Haven’t seen any profits yet, but I have seen increase in traffic so hopefully soon I will see profits.

    • Joey K.

      The best thing to do for review sites is to keep working on those backlink juices. Rank them as high as you can. That’s really the only thing you have to do with review sites. Hope it works out well for ya brotha.

  4. Jeannie

    I been working more on guest posting this year. I got inspired by a post joey wrote on this topic so hopefully it will pan out. Good post, thanks.

    • Joey K.

      Hey Jeannie I’m so glad that I can help out in that way. Makes me feel good to know that this blog is inspiring people in some way. Awesome, you made my day ;-)

  5. Antonio M.

    Hey Joey, this is the second post by this kid. I really like his material. You should hire him to write more often here – lol.

    I’ve been reading his blog a lot lately and have been really thinking about writing more and trying to get paid from it. I really want to get into the Kindle market so Bamilele’s blog sure is helping.

    Your boy Ant…

    • Joey K.

      hahaha, so funny you said that Ant. Oni and I actually just made a deal so he can write more often.

      I’m also getting into the whole Kindle thing. I’ll be writing on that topic real soon. Dong a case study on it.

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