Income Press Reports – March 2012

income press reportsMarch Madness baby, yeah! March was a ton of fun ;-)

Done some split testing with images, created a new web app, and the IP Podcast is taken off like crazy.

Today I’ll lay out the goods and the bads of what happened during the month of March.

Every month I do a recap of things like traffic, case studies, split tests, and the income gains and/or losses.

These monthly recaps not only helps me see what’s going on with the IP blog, but also to show my readers exactly how I take this blog from A to Z. From getting traffic, building an audience, to generating income.

I also want to show the readers of this blog that it’s not all fun and games. The money does not come over night. There’s work to be done. And when the money does start coming in, you have to continue to put work in to make that money.

A perfect example of what I’m talking about is the first month of the IP blog. Zero money made. The second month only $73.53.

Two months of this alone is enough to make the average Joe QUIT!

The third month came along and BOOM! $4,643. You see, if I would’ve given up, I would have never seen that money.

Don’t quit. Keep at it. Never give up.

Enjoy this months report.
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Income Press Reports – February 2012

income press reportsOk my peeps. This is the IP Reports for February. Pretty good month even though it was a bit slow on my part as far as putting up content and so forth. But we’ll get to that in a little bit.

First I want to get in to the basic intro for those new to the blog, specifically the Income Press monthly Reports.

Every month I pretty much do a recap of what happened during the month. Things like traffic, income, case studies, any gains and/or losses and so forth.

I’ll document them here not only for myself, but as well as my readers to see the growth process of this brand spanking new blog. Yes, this blog is new and still in its infancy stages. It’s only like 4 months old.

Even though this blog is already making money, I don’t want you to think it’s easy cause it’s not. There is a learning curve and there will be bumps and bruises along the way. My hopes are that what I share here will cut that learning curve just a little bit.

Learn from my gains and especially learn from my mistakes.

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Income Press Reports – January 2012

income press reportsOh YES! This year is starting of niiiice ;-)

This is the first Income Press Report of the 2012 year. Very stoked and excited about it and I hope you are too.

For those new to the IP Blog, I started the Income Press Blog back in Nov of 2011. And every month since I share everything that’s going on with this blog.

Everything from the traffic, income, split tests, and any other things I might be up too.

I do this to show the growth of this blog and if there are any improvements to do, then I go ahead and do them. I’ll try new methods and tactics and document them here.

This allows my peeps reading this blog to see exactly what I do and if you’re going to try them out, then at least you’ll know exactly what worked for me and what didn’t.

As I said many times before, my hopes for this blog is to motivate and inspire many of those wanting to get started online and for those that have been online for a while and still struggling, to finally get out and start making some kind of money online.

Now I must stress that this thing of ours isn’t all as easy as it may look or made out to be. It may look easy at times but trust me, it wasn’t always like this. The reason it looks easy is because I’ve been doing this for a while now.

I’ve been through the learning curve, I’ve gone through the struggles. I’m not saying I know it all. This is an ever going learning process. And yes, there are still struggles.

It’s how you react to those struggles that make the difference in the outcome, in the end results.

So with that said lets get this thing rolling baby ;-)Continue Reading …