What Are You Struggling with Right Now?

struggling-onlineThis is a serious question I’m asking…

What are you struggling with right now, at this very moment?

Are you struggling to get traffic, leads, subscribers, income, creating a blog, Kindle, software, app, etc.

What ever type business you have that you’re struggling with, I want you to tell me what it is.

Here’s what I want you to do right now.

In the comment section below, tell me exactly what it is you are struggling with right now. Even if it’s something really small, don’t hesitate. I really want you to let me know exactly what that is.

Tell me what type of business are you’re in. Be very specific, describe it in detail, and explain how you and your business are struggling right now.

If you’re not struggling, leave a comment and tell me more. What type of business are you in? Why or what is it about you and your business that is so successful.

Also know this:

I’m putting together a premium advanced training series right here on this blog that will be released very soon. So the more detailed and specific you are, the better I will be able help you.

Part of Reaching Success is to Help Others!

So after you comment, share this post by liking and tweeting about it. Someone you know may be struggling right now.

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  1. Anthony M. says:

    Hey Joey. I been trying to get this thing going for about a year now. I tried your greatest experiment ebook, but only made a few sales. Not enough to make a huge impact that I can leave my job. I wanted to start blogging, but with my busy schedule there’s just no time. I work 12 to 16 hour days 6 days a week. My struggle in my opinion is probably the consistency. I don’t do it for a long period of time. I understand things don’t happen overnight. Like you say. I just have to keep going at it.

    • Joey K. says:

      Hey brotha Ant, I know exactly what you’re going through right now. I been there brotha.

      Blogging might not be the best thing for you since you have limited time. However, with that limited time you can still work online.

      The best thing for you, which is what I did, is to follow my $100 Startup Guide. This guide will show you how to set up a system once, and market that system.

      You don’t have to blog, worry about posting, no videos, podcast, nothing. Just send traffic to your system.

      This is what many underground marketers do. Hell, I know some of the biggest marketers that never show their face and they make millions online.

      So that myth about only reaching success by being in the spot light with all that “Branding” is total bullshit.

      Try that out bro and let me know what happens.

      • Rochelle says:

        My problem is the same as Anthony, I work 12+ hour shifts trying to keep a roof over my head. I start a project & get bogged down with everything else, at that point I am not able to keep it going. I want to do this full-time, “BADLY.” I truly believe if you can work for someone else, you can work for yourself. I AM TIRED OF BEING MISERABLE. I have been at this for 2+ years & very, very little money. I am ashamed to say how much I have spent. What I will do is try your $100 Start up Guide. I will let you know how it turns out. Thanks for your help & keeping in contact thru your emails, it keeps me motivated.

      • Joey K. says:

        Be more specific. Every one has websites with no traffic and no profits. Even myself.

        I need you to be more detailed and specific about your business, your problem, and your struggle.

  2. Leslie Marie says:

    I keep struggling with traffic. I cant get steady stream of traffic. I need to grow it more. I tried paid traffic but didn’t do well. I also tried guest posting but it just didn’t work. If you’re creating a course, I would like it to be on traffic. I believe that traffic is the key to all this.

    • Joey K. says:

      This could be due to your content. You might be publishing the wrong content. By doing so you will attract the wrong audience. Post a link to your site here so I can check it out.

  3. Alfredo says:

    One of the biggest problems I have is converting my leads to customers. My epc is not all that great. I tried to optimize but nothing works. Specially with facebook ads. They have become worst than google.

    I’m in the baking niche and my competition is a bit steep, but nothing to go all crazy for. I’m just trying to get in a niche I’m more familiar with and know very well vs getting into the I.M. niche which is heavily saturated.

    Any tips and advice would be great. Thanks Joey for all you do.

    Your buddy, Alfredo

    • Joey K. says:

      This comes with split testing like crazy. If you’re doing a good job in converting them into subscribers, then look at your funnel. See where it is that they are optin out, or not opening your email. Dissect your funnel.

  4. Paul Warner says:

    My basic problem, the one that drives me crazy, is finding a niche to build a website, or blog around. I have done tons and tons of research to find something unique, something I would be willing to put the time into because these days, considering all that Google is doing, you can’t just build a site, and just let it sit there and expect that it is going to make money. It needs continual upgrading of content, link building, list building, all in all a lot of work. Personally I hate the IM market and I hate the way these marketers do business, as I would rather have something that is mine, and not so damn glutted. I was really hoping to follow you with your domino niche which I thought was very unique, and if everything had worked out I probably would have followed everything you did to a tee. Anyway that is my major problem for the moment. I am sure I will have problems once I have some niches to build sites around but at worst they will be technical and relatively easy to resolve. Paul

    • Joey K. says:

      Yeah, finding a good niche is never easy. And with the domino site, that fell apart, but more on that later.

      As far as finding a unique niche, that might be the wrong approach. What you want to do is find a hot and potentially profitable niche. It really doesn’t matter what niche it is, even if it’s saturated. I proved it with this niche and another niche which I’ll be revealing soon.

      And like you say, with google screwing around with us, you need to continually update it with fresh content. So now its even more important to get into a niche that has a community and its profitable.

      • Paul Warner says:

        I will truly be looking forward to you revealing information on your
        new niche, or at least the one we haven’t heard about. I hope it is doing well because I am in a very good learning mode and I think there is a lot to learn from you.
        As to your advice on finding a niche, I do not disagree with you at all but it does have to be a niche I am willing to put the time into because it does really require work.
        Thank you for your response. Paul

        • Jason Benfield says:

          Hey Paul and Joey, if you don’t mind me jumping in I had a few thoughts…

          Have you ever thought about thinking outside the box with your monetization? lol

          What I mean is, finding a niche that makes money is almost irrelevant when it comes to blogging IMO.

          What I mean, blog about anything you want, are passionate about, and something you know real well.

          Monetize with proven markets that have stood all the “testing”, you know the big 3 – Health, Money, Relationships…


          If you’re passionate about carpentry/construction, why can’t you have a blog about just that. Tool Reviews, How To’s, Funny Videos or Photos about just that you can find… Does it mean that you HAVE to then try and sell power tools? No, because chances are, they would just rather go to Lowes or Home Depot and just pick it up… Is it a failed niche? No, just a failed offer…

          Good Niches don’t create Money, Good offers do – Period. So mix in the big 3 that are proven to be a desire of everyone reading your blog…

          How? – By creating kick but content, gaining their trust, you easily hit on the fact that everyone wants more money, more love, or better health.

          Then you use the $100 startup guide, just rebranding it too something that fits the niche you just developed.

          Now imagine if you were on that site, learning how to build custom cabinets, and you saw an ad that said:

          – “Learn How an Under Paid Construction Worker Made 1805.18 in just 7 Days Part Time!”
          – “Learn How 43 Year Old Construction Worker Shed His Beer Belling in Just 30 Days! – While Still Drinking Beer!”
          – “How a Brokenhearted Construction Worker Got His Love Back Using this Simple 3 Step Formula”

          Don’t you think you would have a better response?

          What’s the work? Creating a landing page, AR series, and pitching the offer…

          So what do you do? Set up (1) $100 Startup, edited to be more “niche” specific with the headline, add it to the blog… and then just blog 1-3 times a day about something you love…

          That’s what I would do, and it’ll work in any niche…

          “How This Struggling Guitarist Made 1805.18 In Just 7 Days!” – On a music centered blog…
          “The #1 Secret This Chef Used To Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days” on a food centered blog…

          You get the idea I hope… :-)

  5. Trish de Roeck says:

    Hi well my problem is I have just lost my job which I am gutted about and I keep getting all these on line business which I would love to work for myself as I’m very honest hard working prof final and very self motivated but all these things sound good but they all want money up front and if I’ve done one scheme I’ve done 20 and they all ended up costing me a fortune so I would like someone to contact me and be able to talk and be honest enough to say weather it’s going to be good for me ???? Or it’s just another pipe dream ????

    • Joey K. says:

      Best thing I can tell ya is to stay away from those schemie bizopp type of stuff. It’s the wrong thing for you especially with you current situation. What you need is something low cost, with low risk. Something like my $100 Start up Guide.

      But even then it’s not a guarantee. But at least it’ll be safer and with low startup cost. And you can always build it huge like I have. It’s basically how I started.

  6. Theron Williams says:

    Hello I saw your pod cast and decided to sign up via the web this is a great question like you are reading my mind. I created a social network called ratedxsocial.com I have no money and have done no real promotion at all however, people are signing up its a very simple site but my question is how do I make any money with a social network?

      • Theron Williams says:

        Yes, we have a market place, an area to promote music for artis, video area, events area for page creation and promotion, poll creation, local business directory for any type of business. I really want to make this work and I think it can. 9 days we almost have over 100 active members not people I know who just signed up.

  7. Peter Johansson says:

    I signed up at jvzoo.com and paid. I signed up at the 6 different surf the pages, but they wanted more money even though it was to do just this, you earn dollars every day. Nothing I have in two days. Hmmm not good. I am tired of only getting paid all the time and nothing to get back. Here is my problem.

    • Joey K. says:

      Are you tired of getting paid or paying all the time? I’m guessing it’s the later.

      If so, then STOP! Surf pages suck. They are no good. What else are you having trouble with other than surfing sites?

  8. Charles Virginia says:

    Hi Joey,
    My biggest struggling is how to make money online. Now i don’t have money to invest because i’m on welfare. I have tried many things (FREE) and only have made some nickels. What and how must i do it?
    I tried almost everything: List building, Affiliate Programs, etc.
    Please help me make it in 2013.

    • Joey K. says:

      “Free” will always take a lot longer than any other type of marketing. If you want faster results, you almost have to pay for it.

      We’ll have to dig in deeper to find what the best solution is for you. Obviously paid methods are a no. So maybe something you can work on hard for 2013. Something that you can grow throughout the year.

  9. Jacobson says:

    My biggest struggle is being able to keep a sustainable business going. I tried blogging, affiliate marketing, mlm, email marketing, and dozen other business models. I just can’t seem to find the right one for me.

    • Joey K. says:

      Sound like the problem you have is that you’re trying to sustain multiple businesses at once. The biggest mistake anyone can do.

      It may sound like I’m contradicting myself cause I’m in all kinds of stuff, but remember, I been doing this for a while and I did it one at a time, not all at once. I built one thing, automated it as much as I can, then moved on to the next.

      Focus on just one thing at a time.

  10. Lindsay says:

    I’m a freelance writer and the biggest struggle I have is maintaining a steady flow of work. I’m on all the freelance sites, but can’t seem to find gigs. I would like to venture out, but my main focus now is freelance writing.

    • Joey K. says:

      You have the right state of mind so far. You’re focusing on just one thing. What could work for you is to try looking for blogs that are looking for freelancers. Also reach out to blog owners and let them know what you do.

      I would try Fiverr if you haven’t yet done so. Even though it’s just $5 per gig, but this can get you going. The lady who does my podcast intros makes a good chunk of change just from fiverr.

      Try it out, can’t hurt.

  11. says:

    The main thing that I am struggling with is getting sales I no how to make the squeeze page and how to setup the auto res ponder but the problem is I can get tons of traffic but its converting them to sales that’s my problem

    • Joey K. says:

      focus on your landing page conversions first before your sales. Once you get a good percentage, 25% – 30% or more, then work on tweaking the sales funnel.

      Most important thing now to do is to collect leads. Then sales.

      If you’re converting a good amount on the opting page, then look at your funnel. There has to be something there that’s making them say no.

      • Jason Benfield says:

        And regardless of making backend sales, if you focus on leads like Joey said, and teaching them to click then you have a way to generate revenue. Once you can get 100 clicks every time you send out an email, then look at whole selling the clicks as solos. The solo ad market is huge right now for a sellers stand point, and you can easily get people who’ll pay you for your clicks. Charge $.50-.75 a click starting out, schedule 3 ads a day (which is a lot to do consistently lol), but you’re making $150 a day, and that’s not even considering any other income streams through email. At that point do safe-swaps and more solos to continually add leads, and you have a profitable business, that self funds, regardless of any back end offer.

  12. says:

    Hello Joey. Luckily, I’m not struggling anymore.
    Traffic is growing each week, affiliate commissions and adsense earnings are starting to flow in.

    If there’s something I’d say about this is that the main problem was myself not working and focusing enough. I tried to learn a lot and I was reading hundreds of great posts and blogs per month, but I didn’t take action.

    I guess the only thing I’m struggling right now is to send you my guest post but I’ll send you an email later on that.

    • Joey K. says:

      focus and action are the 2 most important things you can teach yourself.

      Don’t worry to much on guest posting. And don’t worry about guest posting on tons of blogs. Only focus on the top ones that will have a positive impact in your blog and business.

      If it’s one thing I learned in my first year of truly blogging is that it’s all about targeting the right audience, NOT loads of them!

  13. says:

    Hey Joey! My biggest struggle is getting people to my site. I’ve got a backpage autoposter that does most of the work for me, but I’ve been at this for almost a month working from 5am until it gets dark and I’ve not had 1 person buy in, though I now have 58 leads in my autoresponder. I put up videos on Youtube and I also use Tweetadder as well. I’m promoting MCA, or Motor Club of America. It’s like AAA auto roadside service. I’m missing something! Help???

    • Joey K. says:

      That’s probably the problem right there. Your auto posters. All that does is fill your blog with dupped content. Content thats on 1000’s of other junk blogs. Plus now with the way google is, you can’t get away with it.

      I would focus on publishing super targeted content. I’ll be covering that more in a later post.

    • Jason Benfield says:

      First thing I would do as well is change your opt-in page, because you can not expect sales with just 58 leads, doing mass posting, to untargeted leads, and the pitch is all wrong.

      Doing Biz Opps you need to sell you, not the system… What’s your story? I guarantee you if you set up a simple page that says “Discover How a (Who you Are – I.E. 32 Year Old Single Mom) Made $500 This Week!” – Simply Enter in Your Email to get the full story – And then only have an email field on the opt-in. Shoot for 1 sale per 300 with that traffic source at best… Just off experience with those type of offers with that type of traffic. If it was me I would just hit Solo’s real hard, because it would be more targeted traffic to your offer.

  14. Ainoon Davies says:

    Joey, I’ll probably be the odd one out asking for something you may not cover. I’m planning on doing kindle books & these books will need plenty of images. I could go to fiverr but that would cost $5 per illustration & my one book would need a bunch of images because they’re picture books.

    So I was looking around for courses that would show me how to do them. Any suggestion ? I would appreciate it greatly.

    Thanks Joey!

    • Joey K. says:

      Not at all, any business or struggles of online stuff is welcome. And I’m glad you brought up Kindle. You’re the first.

      What you could do, instead of going to fiverr, go to odesk.com or freelancer.com and try outsourcing it there.

      What you could also do is get Scivener: http://www.literatureandlatte.com/scrivener.php

      This is what I use. It’s for authors and publishers. You can do it there and convert it to Kindle format or any other format you want.

      But if time is the issue, then go with odesk or freelancer.

      As far as courses go, contact me personally via email at: joeyk@incomepress.com and I’ll hook you up.

  15. kobby says:

    Hey Joey,

    Its been a long time I am coming!

    I entered the IM space the hard way falling into the hands of the “Gurus” who bombarded me with a lot of strategies and terminologies.

    All never helped as I have not been able to make a dime out of their strategies and at a point felt burn-out. their stategies might work, but I was unable to catch up. The only advantage I may have derived from them is that it becomes difficult for a shinny-object, one button get money quick schemes to get my attention.

    Joey, my struggle revolves around trying to always perfect an act before I implement. I also meddle in stuffs which only waste my time and sadly dont even get complete and I found myself trying to develop another online concept. I can be creative I must say.

    I have been trying to partner a marketer who understands the techy side of things whiles I concentrate on the creatives. Do you think that might help? And where do I find one?

    Reading through the comments and the responds you have given so far have been quite enlightening. Thanks for the good work

    • Joey K. says:

      I feel your pain brotha! I still get them damn email promos full of shit.

      Anyway, that “perfect the thing before going live” is a problem we all have. I find myself doing it at times.

      What works for me is to actually release it, implement it, take action NOW!. Don’t wait. Perfect it while I’m implementing it.

      It’s never going to be perfect right out the gate. There’s always split testing and tweaking before it’s somewhat perfect. And even then, something happens that you have to tweak some more.

      So just do it bro. Get it out there and perfect while you’re working it.

  16. Jason Benfield says:

    Holy Geez Bro! – I don’t know if ya’ll realize this, but just the comments alone is worth 100x’s the price of every marketing tool ever made combined… If you want to talk about over delivery of content, there is not a single blog that I recommend more than Income Press!

    Every comment on this page could easily be turned into job replacing income fast, and considering I’ve worked with some of the largest media companies in the world, who has paid literally millions of dollars trying to drill down to the single biggest trigger points for various markets, you can take that to the bank!

    The only thing I hate about Income Press is that it’s not mine :-(

    Peace guys!

    • Joey K. says:

      LOL, bro, thank you so much for the kind words. You’re awesome! I’m just trying to help out here ya know :-) And yes, yes, I know it hurts that the IP blog is not yours, HAHAHA!

  17. says:

    Hi Joey K, love ya work. I think I need a road map! Seem to get off the main highway without really noticing and end up at dead ends, when I know the right road is out there. I know it’s focus and action. Might have to revisit one of your posts I read a while back for starting out and create my own map of how to get there without ending up in the middle of nowhere.

    Keep the good stuff flowing. Regards and many thanks

    • Joey K. says:

      Hey Sue, thanks and I’m glad you like the work I do.

      Now what seems to me of what’s going on with you is that you start something without really knowing your end result.

      You must know what your end result is so you’ll know what actions and direction to take in order to reach your end result.

      Focus on what your end result is before you start anything. It’ll help with figuring out what to do in order to get there.

      • says:

        Thanks for your reply Joey. What you say is so true. I think I know what results I want then I seem to take a left turn and change direction. You’ve nailed it. Best give the whiteboard a good workout and be definitive!

        Nothing but content – I love it.

  18. says:

    Hi, I launched my website as a niche site just over a year ago and it’s been steadily growing in traffic since then, and considering I’ve dedicated minimum time to it, it’s not doing at all badly for traffic IMHO (6,600 visits this month). The problem I have is monetising it. Ads have failed dismally and affiliate plans aren’t up to much (Adsense, amazon and cj) I’m working on a serious design overhaul (it needs it) at the moment and then an ebook, because I think the only way is to sell my own products. I have a challenge because it’s in spanish, and all my sources of advice are USA/UK based, but would you be able to give me any advice about tweaking adverts or affiliate plans, so that they can be better targeted and more profitable? Or any other ideas about more profitable models? Thanks!

    • Joey K. says:

      Before you spend valuable time, energy, and focus on a redesign, first figure out where the problem is. put your time, energy, and focus on that.

      You may find that it’s not your design. You mentioned you have adsense, amazon, CJ. and other stuff. The problem maybe that you have to many things going on. Sounds to me like a web based billboard.

      First thing I would do is shut of any or all ads that are not making you a dime.

      Next, go into your analytics and find out your Average Time Per Visit. If it’s to low, less than 30 – 60 seconds, then there’s something your audience isn’t liking. Could be content, all the ads, clutter, etc.

      Then check the actual posts they are landing on and again, the average time per visit on that page.

      If the bounce rate is way to high and time per visit is to low, then it can simply be a case of attracting the wrong audience.

      Also check your adsense and adverts. It will tell ya exactly where it’s converting the most.

      These are just some of the things you can do to figure out what the problem is.

      Dig deep and put your focus on that first before any type of redesign.

      For your ebook, just outsource it to have it translated. You don’t need to redo it, unless it’s a totally different niche market.

      • says:

        Overall the average time on the page is 2min 53, with 1.5 pages per visit, and a bounce rate of 76%. The top article that people are landing on has a visit duration of 1min 43, 82% new visits, and 79% bounce rate.

        My interpretation of this (could be very wrong) is that people are reading their landing post only and not going on to other posts and they are not interacting with the blog in any other way. SO…if this is a good estimation of the problem, I should be working on ways to get them to stick around for longer, reading more of the content…(then begins the funnel). Would you agree with this?
        Thanks for all this advice. You’ve made me stop and think, which is a good way to start the day.

        • Joey K. says:

          Another thing you can do to get them to stick around is to restructure how you write your post. I don’t know or have never seen your blog or content, but maybe it’s to difficult for them to read. What I mean is that it could be looking congested or cramped up. Maybe there’s to many lines in one paragraph or the text is to small.

          Look at how my posts are structured. 1 – 3 lines per paragraph, maybe 4, but no more than that.

          If the post is long, I break it up with images and bullet points. Things like that.

          If you post your blog here I’ll look at it and give you some pointers. Or maybe I should do a podcast or video of it. Let me know.

  19. says:

    Struggling with driving traffic to my 2 websites. each is completely different industries: one is Internet Marketing, other is catering/event planning.

    • Joey K. says:

      Sounds like you’re trying to run both at the same time. Do only one. Focus on one. Get that going before doing the next thing or other site.

      Figure out which ones doing the best and run with that one full blitz. Forget about the other one for now.

  20. Eddie P from sunny QLD, Australia. says:

    Hey Joey,

    Great question. I have started two niche blogs late last year. one in photography niche and the other in the gardening niche. Not much traffic as yet but that’s cool, I’m concentrating on developing and writing great relevant content. I suppose with currently working a full time job and family responsibilities after hours I don’t get to relax until about 9pm by the the time my kids get to bed. Im usually exhausted by that time as well. My biggest hurdle is sitting down and writing kick butt content and how to turn that content into a steady stream of cash-flow. I can write 100-500 words easily per blog, but how to make those words turn into a steady stream of cash is my question. That’s the difficulty I am having. For example I can give tips on gardening activity in a blog but how does that blog content create me some cashflow. I’m not into pushing junk but I like writing just simple things to help people. Joey love your enthusiasm and the things you’ve done with IP niche to help others. No BS, no product pushing, just pure kick butt content.

    • Joey K. says:

      Thanks Eddie for the kind words. Really means a lot to me brotha.

      For the 2 niches, like many here, you’re doing to many things at one time. When you do that, you lose focus on the prize.

      Both niches are great, and can be profitable. You just have to figure out an angle.

      Writing 100 – 500 word post won’t do it alone. The content has to be great and the value has to be there. And since time is limited with family and stuff, even 200 words can be a lot and over whelming. Think about it. 200 on one blog, then 200 on the other. No real time to focus on the content.

      If you’re going to run both blogs, Here’s what I would do.

      Publish less frequently. This will give you time to really focus on the content and make it epic.

      Then dedicate an entire week just to one niche. One post per week, per niche. Instead of writing 100 – 500 words per post, you can just focus on that one post and not even worry about the word count, cause it really doesn’t matter. Just make it epic.

      And to turn those posts into money, it’s easy. Recommend products that you’re currently using or have used, say from amazon. Then show them exactly how to use it, how it works, and how it will help them.

      One topic, one post, one answer, one affiliate link.

      When you’re done with that niche, do the same to the other one the next week.

      I talk more about this type of post on episode 16 of my podcast: http://www.incomepress.com/episode16

      I call it the APC Method and I even give you a sample post I did that you can mimic and model after.

      Check it out.

      • Eddie P from sunny QLD, Australia. says:

        Thanks for the tip. I agree probably trying to do too many things at once to make it a successful activity and spreading myself too thinly. I’ll work on your recommendation and see how we go over the next couple of months. Thanks again for your simple suggestion.

  21. says:

    Traffic is my number one struggle (although I wrote a post Monday that landed me the biggest visits and retweets since I started). I’m in a totally wide-open niche (cultural resource management) where I can demonstrate my expertise to a very specific crowd. The problem right now is reaching them.

    How do I reach cultural resources archaeologists and archaeology students?

    I have a plan for monetization that doesn’t involve any Adsense or non-targeted ads. I’m a technical writer that plans on doing high-level, freelance research, ghostwriting white papers, and specific web content. I also plan on publishing more books for the kindle and have tons of experience in non-fiction writing.

    I guess I just need some ideas on how I can monetize this thing. Build an eBook empire? How do I start a high-value ghostwriting business? What success would I need to prove my skills? How can I parlay my guest posting and blogging into a successful consulting business?


    • Joey K. says:

      ok, well there’s a lot you’re trying to do here. Just being honest. You need to break these things down in chunks. Do one thing at a time. You can use my Kissimmee Blitz Exercise to do this.

      I’ll answer your first question which is how to reach your audience. Let’s use Archaeology Students for this example.

      What I would do is figure out what problems those archaeology students are having right now. What issues and what questions they’re asking or searching for online.

      Then write a detailed “how to” post on that problem. What you’re doing here is fixing there problems and answering their questions.

      This will put you in an Expert Status.

      Make sure to have a call to action asking them to post commetns on any more questions or feedback. Even go as far as asking them to email you. Some people are shy and don’t want to publicly ask.

      What this will do for you is let you know exactly what the problem is therefore giving you ideas of a potential product you can create. A product that they actually want because they told you so via comments and emails.

      BOOM! Then you begin the product creation steps. But that there I’ll leave for another day ;-)

  22. Mark v says:

    Just keeping current with trends and new technoliges is a full time job. Barely have time to run the company and make sales if I do all the research that I should do in order to actually know what I am talking about to clients!

    • Joey K. says:

      That’s why you micro niche it. Just get in small and work your way up. You don’t have to know everything.

      If dealing with clients is not your thing, than do something where you don’t have to talk with them.

      Anything you do requires a bit of work as far as research and keeping up with things. That’s just how it is.

      Best advice I can give ya is to make sure that whatever it is you do, do it because you want to, not cause you have to.

  23. Christa Herzog says:

    It was interesting to read what others are struggling with. I too could give a list. This is what is going on for the time being:
    I have changed a lot about my online presence recently. I kept one website, but stopped anther and several blogs. The website I kept went from selling a little each month to almost no visitors. It was that it lost the backlinks from the sites, which I’ve stopped. There is not enough time and no interest to build that up again. So I began with ads. I know about ads on Bing and Google. I have no experience with ads on Facebook. There are lots of opportunities to advertise. Do you have any advice?
    I am very thankful to you and what you offer on your blog. There is so much, which you introduce so wonderfully, which I can do to get visitors. It is always a question of time.
    As always: Thank you!

    • Joey K. says:

      When it comes to paid ads, I’m honestly not that experienced with it. I’ve done FB ads which worked well sometimes. But it can be costly.

      You’d have to have a good funnel in place. And to get one you’d have to split test and this can cost a lot.

      The best thing I could tell ya is to do either solo ads or ad swaps with others who have lists in your market. It will be cheaper and you can split test till you get something good that works.

      Once you got a good funnel, you can go out and do paid ads on bing, fb, and google.

      I’ll be doing a post on paid ads soon so maybe this will help you better.

  24. says:

    Hi Joey,
    I loved your newsletter about niche. My question is how would I know about the hot niche I mean the targeted niche which the traffic is searching. I know about Google ad word keyword tool but if i don’t know the searched topic, how do I search from keyword tool,I mean what i supposed to type as a searched keyword there at Google ad word keyword tool.
    If you can show me a light!

    • Joey K. says:

      Hey Nanda, glad you like my Newsletter ;-)

      As far as finding a hot niche, that’s is almost a course in itself. The way I use to find hot niches is by searching hot products that were selling at the moment.

      Usually when products are hot and selling good, that means there’s a hot and profitable market that’s buying like crazy.

      I made this video here showing you how to find hot products: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dk_fvlaO_mk

      It doesn’t really go into detail on exactly how to find the niche afterwards, but it’ll give you an idea on how to find a hot product that’s selling good.

      Then you can go and search for different keyword terms to find the hot niche market.

      I’ll be doing a post on finding hot niches soon, but for now I hope this helps…

  25. Quincy says:

    Hi Joey, Q from Europe here. At this moment my biggest struggle was lack of focus and just jumping around. I will focus on my weight loss blog.

    However in september 2012 I put up a youtube channel with 5 videos regarding the buzz “50 shades of Grey”. At this moment those 5 videos generated more than 290 000 views, averages about 1300 views per day. I also have a website linked to the youtube channel, with related affiliate programs on it. Lose weight.(one of the most popular female ones), dating programs, man vs women relationships, but for some reason I am not converting on this website.

    I have no idea what the missing link is, so I need a way to figure this out, and approach the traffic with a different mindset. The demographics are women in thew Netherlands between 35-44 and 45-54 and 55-64 years old, plenty opportunity, but no sales at this moment


    • Joey K. says:

      WOW, WTF! nearly 300K views. Man you need to slap some google adsense on that. Seriously, get ads on it. You might not get crazy money, but with views like that you might start making money.

      I wouldn’t put affiliate links on the youtube page either. Send them to your blog or if you have a post of it, send them there.

      Also make sure you embed that youtube video on you post and also from your post hyper link a keyword phrase right back to your youtube video, NOT the channel, but the actual youtube page where the video is playing.

      The Text you hyper link should be the primary keyword you’re targeting.

      Hope this helps, if not, contact me on my fb page and I’ll personally help you out.

  26. Kenneth Thomas.A.L. says:

    Hello there Joey,
    It feels great to be able to come to you with this aspect of I.M. that I am struggling with at this point in time. My current nightmare (which is technical)is grasping how to link Squeeze Pages to Landing Pages to O.T.O. s to the autoresponder to the affiliate link of the product that I intend to promote in Clicksure or JVZoo. In short how do I link up the whole sales funnel ?
    Thanks Kenneth

  27. Geoff says:

    Hiya Joey,

    I’ve been working with IM for about 3 years now. I’ve dabbled in various niches but haven’t done too well. My best performing niche right now is very popular with IMers, and my site doesn’t get the ranking that many others do. I’ve never had any real success with affiliate marketing. I’ve had my best results with Adsense, but that provides just a trickle of income.

    I’ve got a few microniche sites built around exact match domains. They don’t perform well anymore. The last site I built was an authority site on an exact match domain (lots of outsourcing on that one) but the Big G slapped it a few months ago. There was nothing blackhat about it — but it didn’t provide any unique content.

    I’ve tried monetizing my passions by blogging and affiliate marketing, but that takes time and til now has showed little results. The niches that I chose have few buyers. I have some further niche ideas that I would like to build authority sites around, but my issue at the moment is lack of time.

    Right now I don’t have too much time, what with my day job and renovations. I know that I can make IM work, but I obviously haven’t been doing the right thing to now. I do know that a big mistake that I have made (as most do) is looking for the magic bullet, jumping from one thing to another, so it’s time to knuckle down to one method and follow it to the end. But what? It seems that it must include list building, however.

    I’m seriously thinking of product creation (plugins etc) and building a list around that, and trying affiliate marketing to IMers. If other IMers are willing to try lots of things, just as I have, then I’ll be on a winner ;)

    Anyway, thanks for listening Joey. Sorry to be vague and scattered, but that’s how things are for me right now.

    Thanks for everything, and all the best to you and yours!

    • Joey K. says:

      Ok so it sounds like whatever you’re doing is working, but not getting the BIG results you’re looking for right…

      Ok so the first thing is that with the big G constantly messing with us, we just can’t get away with what we use to. They’ve been tagging EMD (exact match domains) so that can hurt ya. But from what I’ve been told it’s only hurting you if you have CRAZY articles targeting that exact match domain.

      What I would do before starting all over again is to analyze your current sites. See which ones are getting the most organic traffic. The ones that are monetized by Ads, see which ones are performing the best. Then see which ones are getting the best On Site Average.

      Pick just one that is giving you consistent results, whether is big or small. As long as it’s consistent.

      Then start split testing it to maximize results. You can actually start making a few grand just from Adsense. You just have to figure out what is performing best and scale it.

  28. mark says:

    HI Joey

    I am struggling full stop still haven’t found anything with the information I need to start making money online, I just need it broken down in easy to follow step by step instructions nothing I seem to try is working at the moment.

    • Joey K. says:

      Mark I would start with my $100 Startup Streamline course I created. I think this is best for you since you’ve yet to figure out a main course of action to follow.

      This will help you get your feet wet and at the same time help you go through the learning curve.

      Sometimes when we first start out we don’t know what exactly it is that we want to do. This was the case with me. I did everything under the sun. And even when I was making some kind of internet money, I still wasn’t clear on what I wanted to do. Took me years to find out.

      Take this course, it’s totally free. Hope this helps.

  29. says:

    Hi Joey,
    Traffic..traffic..and buyers Traffic..I’m in Affiliate Marketing and I have a blog. I sometimes write different from others and I do not post as often as I should. I get a little traffic, have done backlinking & have paid for backlinking. I do have a coach that is helping me with web pages, sqeeze pages. It is alot to learn. I have a small list that doesn’t open my emails. I’m on alot of Social sites, don’t know if it helps..Something is always goin wrong… Can’t seem to get ahead. I have learned alot, so..thats what I write about.

    Gosh..Joey I could go on & on..and that’s what I do, just keep moving forward. Thanks for all you do.

    • Joey K. says:

      You’re very welcome Janice.

      I feel your pain. I’ve been there and I’m still there believe it or not. Some of my niche sites aren’t doing well, and even on this blog I sometimes find it’s a struggle to get traffic. But I keep going forward, it’s what you have to do.

      Backlinks ain’t what it use to be. Paid BL just suck. The best way I simply found is organic. Which I found to be as easy as I thought.

      The trick I found is in the Headline of your post. You have to figure out which one will give you the best results.

      I recently made a video about how I choose the right Headline for your articles. Maybe it’ll help you with that. Here’s the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADmjsTjXc0A

      Hope this helps Janice. Just keep moving forward.

  30. says:

    The main problem is picking the right niche. I have a number of websites but nothing unique, they are based around “Clickbank” products. Yes I have read all the material on niche ideas such searching magazine articles for ideas or dummy books etc. Perhaps I am over complicating it.

    • Joey K. says:

      The problem really isn’t that it’s not unique, the problem is that you haven’t found something within those niches. Every niche has a loop hole, a need. You just have to look hard.

      For example. I got into the YouTube niche. There’s a ton of How To’s and strategy type stuff for that niche. Well I looked hard in it and found a need, a loop hole within that niche. That need was YouTube Thumbnails.

      There were a ton of how to create a thumbnail, but there was no one that had or showed how to use it with software. So I created the YouTube Thumbnail Creator.

      Everyone was showing them how to use Photoshop or Gimp, no one had an app. So I created it.

      You see what I did? I got into a heavy saturated niche but found a loop hole within it. A loop hole that allowed me to serve the needs of that niche.

      You just have to look hard and find what it is exactly that particular niche is really needed and wanting. A lot of times you’ll see the same stuff over and over and over again. Obviously its a hot niche since everyone’s doing it right, what you need to do is start reading the comments, the feedbacks, the reviews and find people complaining or asking for certain features. Then you create it.

      Hope this helps Arnold.

  31. George says:

    Hi Joey,i don’t know if what i’m gonna share is related to this post, but i read your report in which you made 2k in one week and i can’t afford to get a domain and a “bribe”. I live in Greece and i’ve been looking for a job since January, but haven’t found one. I live with my parents and we can barely make ends meet. Now i know that this is not forum or a community about problems or whatever, but i just wanna say that i’d really appreciate if i could get help to make money as fast as possible. Thanks

    • Joey K. says:

      Hey George, first you don’t need a domain or a bribe. Those are just really to build your list. You can actually use other peoples stuff. You can just send traffic to an affiliate link. You can use free sources like squidoo, blogspot, and even wordpress has a free service you can use.

      As far as making money fast, that’s really up to you. You have to put in the hard work and dedication to make money. Depending on how hard you work determines how fast you make it. Hope this helps George.

  32. Andrea says:

    Hi Joey,
    just found your site after listening to the interview you gave Yaro. Nice. You got a new reader :-)
    Anyways, my problem is not related to traffic or blogging. I want to enter the SaaS market (similar to your timeline slicer pro site). I would like to focus on B2B services. I already did several interviews within one market and asked business owners about problems they face and how I could possibly help them. Turns out that there is no common problem (pain/ need) I can serve. That`s fine – I will test (=interview) another market. But now I am stuck to decide which market to test next.
    How do you figure out pains & problems one can solve in the service market? Timeline was big at one point. I get that. But how do I find a market that`s worth talking to business owners for finding a pain I can solve?
    Thanks for your advice, Andrea

    • Joey K. says:

      Hey Andrea, with B2B is kinda hard. The only service that they can really need is in finding more customers and leads to their business.

      If you’re looking to get into software like the T-Slicer, then ask them what would make their work easier. If they use Social media and are doing it all manual, that might be a service you can provide.

      I always try to see what they’re using to do the work. For example with Timeline Slicer Pro I found that they were using Photoshop to create timeline covers or hiring someone to create it for them. Both ways can add up to a ton of money out of your pockets. So I created a tool that does it for them. Hence the Timeline Slicer Pro.

      Since you’re doing the interview thing, it’s even better because you’re getting real personal with them. You’re actually interacting with them. You’re probably just asking the wrong questions.

      Go back to the first market and ask them what tools and services they’re using. From there you can pin point what type of service or tool you can create.

      Hope this helps Andrea. And I hope you enjoyed my interview with Yaro ;-)

  33. says:

    Hi Joey,
    Thanks for your kind offer of advice. My site went live on Google in May 2013. Since then its getting around 70 visits a month and purely by fluke ranks at no# 1 for the keywords “dial a driver christchurch”(and vice versa).

    I am happy with the site and although the rate of visitors is low the site I believe with daily maintanence and TLC the site will mature, get better and eventually convert users into paying customers(dreams are free)

    My struggle is building traffic/email list. Would it be a good idea to create a landing page for my site and see how it affects traffic?. I will check your link out.

    Can you please tell me Joey if creating effective landing pages for local businesses works as a successful business model. Christchurch New Zealand has a population of 400,000 and there’s probably at least 10,000 businesses here.

    How do landing pages get seen? or are they part of the website? Could I put a landing page on the home page of my site?

    Thanks for your good work Joey its very much appreciated.

    Kind regards

    Floyd Rudolph

    • Joey K. says:

      Hey Floyd, it’s always a great idea to split test. It’s hard to say if it will hurt your traffic but adding a landing page. A landing page is essentially just an optin page to collect leads. So if anything I would split test 2-4 different LP’s to see which one converts best.

      As far as how a landing page is seen, well it depends on where your visitors land first. If you direct traffic to your LP, then that’s what they’ll see first. You can also do it after they leave which is also called an exit popup.

      You can add LP’s to your current site, just make it the front page and the first page they see.

      I have a free LP generator you can use. Here’s the tutorial page: http://www.incomepress.com/create-landing-page-generator/

      Hope this helps brotha. Let me know either way.

  34. Mark Richards says:

    I’m in the network marketing niche (empowernetwork etc) and my biggest problem is driving traffic to the customized squeeze pages. I have tried solo ads, I get 30-40% optins but no sales and the quality of traffic from solo ads these days is not the same anymore as it used to be. Other sources that I have tried are traffic exchange networks, safelist, adfly but all are junk traffic and I think they are mostly bots. Also tried fb ads but got my account banned since they don’t allow such offers. Ran ads on 3rd Tier PPC networks but the quantity of traffic in these networks is so low and also the quality isn’t good due to fraudulent clicks. I wonder how the top guns are making $1000’s. I just can’t seem to find any good quality paid traffic source.

    • Joey K. says:

      I’ll be honest with ya Mark, all those methods you mentioned don’t work at all. The only one I’d say still works are AdSwaps and Solo Ads. The ones you’ve used are probable old used up lists. Best thing to do which is what I did was to ask them how fresh their list is and how often is it scrubbed.

      For your niche, MLM I’m assuming, the best thing is Media Buys. Banner ads, Text Ads, etc. You’ll have to go to those sites which sell advertising space. Sites that are related to what you’re doing.

      Ad Networks like Facebook and Google won’t allow MLM type stuff so you’ll have to go around them. And that’s go straight to the sites themselves.

  35. says:

    Right now i am struggling to find time to get my web app completed! Two kids, a full time job, and a one man development team – it’s a struggle! Once i’m done, there’s the whole marketing of the app to get subscribers! It’s pretty overwhelming, especially as many of the areas of running a business are new to me! On the other hand, the way i see it, I only need ~200 subscribers once i’m up and running, and the day job can take a back seat, so while there’s a lot to do right now, life should get easier in the future!

    • Joey K. says:

      I totally understand where you’re coming from. When I started it was the exact same thing. What I did was worked on my business 1-2 hours everyday during the night. Just when my kids went to sleep. And worked on it all day on my days off.

      This is something you’ll have to figure out. There has to bee at least 1-2 hours in a day where you can work on your biz. Talk with your spouse and figure out something where you’ll have time of your own to work. Make it happen. You really want this you’ll figure out a way.

  36. Mary says:

    Hi Joey, thanks for asking! I need to start a list but not sure what to write on the first few automated emails or how often to write to them ( I have three sites and I like the topics and I only promo what I believe in and review) not sure how to promo products in the email need to learn audio and screen capture for training – this training has been hard to find (and I have bought a lot of training wondering if I embed audio and video , will it SLOWWWWW the website upload bad? and then , of course, TRAFFIC….

    These are just a few of my favorite things (right now) :) Have fun and thanks for you visibility! warm wishes, Mary

  37. brian says:

    Hi Joey

    I launched an online fitness coaching blog / FB page a couple weeks ago. I am getting “LIKES” on FB, but I am struggling to get any interaction / leads for potential clients. I realize it has only been two weeks, but I want to get more interaction from readers, get new readers (currently at 115 likes) and make my name for well-known in my FB community. My blog isn’t getting much traffic yet, I created a Twitter account to post links to articles I’ve written, and also reference other more popular bloggers sites. I’ve read about setting up popups on my page to help drive email list subscribers, but not sure I want to do that yet. This is currently just a passion project but I am hoping it can turn into a full-time job if I can get enough clients!

  38. azamfc says:

    Hey joey, how to know what kind of ebook in MRR that can be given away for free? I bought two ebooks from weight loss niche but none of the two can be given away for free..hope you can help me with that.. thanks alot =D

    • Joey K. says:

      You probably got the PLR which is Private Label Rights. Those you usually can’t give out free. You have to make sure it is MRR (Master Resale Rights). You can also rewrite those ebook. You can hire someone to do it also.

      Make sure you tell them that you want it rewritten and not spunned. Spinned content is different than rewritten content. Hope this helps.

  39. says:

    #1) I need to learn and apply the fundamentals & the tools of establishing and maintaining an online business (e.g. affiliate marketing, internet marketing, mobile marketing, ecommerce store). #2) I need to “learn to make money online. Then learn to make that money consistently.” In other words, I need to learn the How To’s (tools/systems).
    #3) I need to have an establish online business expense budget(adjustable).
    #4) I am a Clickbank Affiliate for the past 3 years, but I haven’t made no money.
    #5) I need to maintain focus, discipline, motivated, strategic-minded and proactive.

  40. says:

    Hey Joey, I messed up big time I was talked into handing over $4,800 to get the right tools to become an amazon associate. OK backtrack about a week ago I received a message or pop up on the screen about becoming an associate, anyway $27.00 later Iv’e got a website and tools to build it with and an all done for me amazon user name and password.

    I’m thinking hey this is ok it seems legit and then a few days later I get a call from this outfit we talked for an hour before he started telling me the price for the delux suite and the not so good suites after that. I didn’t even hesitate I just said yes to them accessing my visa.

    I have just spoken to them for a refund and my purchase has been canceled and now have to wait to talk to someone about the refund. Although getting the tools was very expensive my website was live on the net and the tools worked fine even if they were a bit outdated about SEO but hey what do I know.

    Has anyone had this experience and is it legit?


    Floyd Rudolph

    • Joey K. says:

      I don’t know what you got or bought from that popup so I couldn’t say if it’s legit or not. But I usually don’t buy anything that just pops up on my screen. The only thing I could say, and this is just me ok. I would do a charge back. If these guys are telling you that you’ll have to talk to someone to get a refund, it’s bullshit.

      It’s your money and you are entitled to a full refund. That is if there was a refund clause and if so that you are within the refund period.

      I’m not a lawyer and have never taken any lawyer type of classes. I’m just saying what I would do. I’ve been ripped off before and know exactly how it feels. Hell I lost out on $6k once and never got it back.

      Good luck brotha.

  41. jose says:

    Hey Joey Right now i am struggling basically with everything..lol putting things togther like squeeze and thankyou page and getting a good offer . joey i want to do affiliate marketing. I need help geting traffic, it has always been my challenge and email list. also do a need webhosting for affiliate marketing. am new very new to all this. so far thanks for all your help and your very helpful blog

  42. Lone says:

    I am struggling GETTING STARTED! I keep reading inspiring blogs, just like yours, and trying to learn and get an overview. But I am confused about where to begin! What exact steps and skills do I need to take and obtain? I also need a sparring partner as I don’t know anyone on the same “journey”. It’s the whole accountability thing…

    Best, Lone Roosewelt

  43. says:

    Hi Joey! I’m a French speaking guy in Canada, trying to get something going to help French artists get better income with what they do to try to make a living. French writers as an example, can barely make a living writing here in Canada. I would love to be able to set up something for me to them, where they can get out in the internet marketing world and sell their uniqueness. Since I am in an ideal situation right now, where I can research the net for free stuff that will help everybody, set up an email marketing. I read what you have done in 7 days and I am trying to translate it to use it for myself. The reason being that I know that I need to set up track record like you did, in order for me to get the confidence level high enough to open that french market to them after. I see myself starting like you did. Here’s the dilemma ! I’m not sure if what you started with, was free ? If so, I need you to help me get it done for free as well. Hope that I was able to be clear enough in my explanations! Thank You for your help !

  44. says:

    I don’t have an avatar right now. I’m not exactly sure who my audience is. I know I want to do podcasts and blog posts on successful business people and professionals in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I want to highlight people’s methods for improving themselves, give tips to advance in your career or business, and provide insight from a Christian perspective on how to live out your faith at work. My desire is to provide free content and use sponsors and affiliate links to get income. Once I have a following and figure out something I could create, I can also create a product or do coaching. I love working with people one-on-one.
    I have a website that I’m taking live on January 7th. Just not sure what my focus will be.

  45. says:

    Hey Joey:
    I’ve slowly built my business. I conceptualize, design, sculpt, mold, cast, and paint my designer resin toys / statues. Despite awesome articles and blogs covering us, my sales have been minimal. This past year (2013) I took a gamble. I reserved a booth at New York Comic Con. We brought every toy and statue we had made (50+) and thought we might sell 10 or 15. Instead by day 4 we were sold out of everything. apon returning home we sold 5 more figures and then nothing. I’ve built a new store which may need a bit of fine tuning but looks pretty good. I know I need to market myself, but could use help. even though I took marketing, the class was a joke. I have a website, store, blog, facebook, twitter, instagram, etc… I know I need a landing page and tabs on my Facebook fan page, I need to know how to do this or get software to do it, and figure out how to reach thousands of people on a shoestring budget. I also have a youtube account with several subscribers. my stuff sells at NYCC, but hardly at all before and after. I’d greatly appreciate your advice!!

  46. says:

    Thank you for this opportunity to vent. I’m frustrated with setting up my website. My site involves mentoring college kids without a major and/or career plan. I have been writing content for the blog for several months. I work in the medical field and my premier content will consist of videotaped interviews with professionals in medicine (doctors of every specialty, nurses, PA’s, techs, etc), next STEM professionals (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), then Business careers. I will include an occasional “fun” career, such as Animation Artist, News Anchor, etc. My plan is to include a forum and a podcast (with content similar to what is found in the videos). The website development has been more of a hurdle than anything else I’ve encountered. I really wanted to learn to design the WordPress site myself; however, this is taking more time than I planned. I would like to incorporate everything into a solitary site, but maybe this is unrealistic. Really hope to not pay a web developer. I have been conducting surveys on Survey Monkey to help pinpoint the pain points of my audience. Additionally, I’m working through Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula. It seems I’m preparing well, just need the website past the bare bones stage. I was hoping you could give me some advice on getting a well developed site up and running. Advice on video equipment would also be appreciated. Would any of your Appendipity Themes seamlessly weave together all of what I want in my site?
    I wish you luck with your repair man venture. A great idea!!
    Thank you,

  47. says:

    Hey Joey, just looking to get started in this online world. Been looking, reviewing and coming up with ideas, but just haven’t been able to get anything moving forward. If you were to start all over again, where would you start? What would you analyze? What would the first steps be to get started?

    Looking forward to your response.

  48. Matthew says:

    Hi i’m struggling with getting a niche site started, and I also want to start a movie blog with a friend. I don’t have that much money to start with, but I know I will need some equipment and software so that my friend and I can podcast or vlog together since we live in different states. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  49. says:

    Hi Joey, I host a podcast all about the animation & cartoon universe. We mostly do it for fun and aren’t interested in making any money off of our podcasting, but I would like a way to track stats that could be built into the theme, such as downloads, locations, etc. I know there’s a few add-ons for wordpress already, but they all are kinda tough to integrate and use (at least for me; a beginner). Maybe make a tutorial around other available add-ons for podcast stat tracking or create your own. I just need somebody to make it easy for me. I work as a graphic designer so design software comes easy to me, but coding is something I know very little about outside of Flash and basic HTML.

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