4 Marketing Techniques You Should Actually Try this Year

Times are changing, and this field is getting more competitive.

2012 isn’t for talkers, it is for action takers.

Getting traffic can be a challenge, but not if you’re ready to take action. There are tons of free tips available online on ways to get traffic, but getting results is another thing.

This post will be sharing quality marketing techniques you can actually try this year, while still being as practical as possible.

Technique #1: Viral Reports

This particular technique isn’t new, but it can be very effective if you can master it. People love freebies, but being unique can also make a difference.

If you were to take a look at almost every freebie that is distributed online, you will notice there is always a barrier.

Most bloggers will give you a free report in exchange for your email address.

Some bloggers will give you a free report in exchange for a tweet. And there are always bloggers willing to give you a freebie in exchange for a favor.

What if you can go the other way round and create no barrier for your readers? Just create the best free report possible you can create, brand it properly with your blog colors and name, include links to your blog every once in a while, and include a soft notice to check out your blog below the report?

The report doesn’t have to be comprehensive. A 6 – 8 pages report will do.

An advantage to this technique is that it opens up opportunities for you while still channeling visitors to your blog.

One great opportunity this opens is that you can distribute it on top forums. Most forums won’t allow you to post a link to your blog, but every forum will allow you to share a valuable PDF report with their users. Their users in turn enjoy it and share it on other forums, and so will a viral cycle begin.

You can also distribute it on free ebook and document sharing websites, and here’s a list for you to get started with.

Technique #2: Podcasting

Joey recently started his podcast this year and it looks awesome, I plan to start mine also because it works.

Everything I’ve seen about podcasting proves it works. It doesn’t just work because people listen to it, it works because people get to feel you.

They can feel the real you, and the emotions behind your creations. What this means is that if you’re really passionate about your business it will reflect, and when it does you create rabid fans.

Podcasting doesn’t work when people listen, it works when they can see you behind your blog. It works when they can feel your reason for creating. So, get started with a podcast now, inject your real self into it and let people know who you really are.

Joey constantly publishes tips and tutorials about podcasting here, he has also given me personal tips about mine that I will be starting soon, so make sure you hit him up via Facebook or Email if you need help with starting yours.

Technique #3: Guest Blogging for Links

Guest blogging is currently being over-hyped, and the hype around it right now is preventing people from seeing where the real results lie.

Most people believe guest blogging is all about getting published on a big blog now and expecting the results to come. Actually, it’s all about creating a plan and implementing it, because the big blogs hardly send traffic again.

The key is to use guest blogging to build smart backlinks; backlinks that will have an impact for years to come, and backlinks that will send more traffic than a single guest post on any big blog ever will.

I conducted a guest blogging experiment a while ago, and that experiment has led to an additional 10,000 visitors to my blog every month just by writing a few guest posts. You can read more about the challenge and my experience a few weeks after I started it here on my blog.

Technique #4: Images

You probably love taking images of things around you. It could be with your high quality camera phone, or with your more sophisticated digital camera.

There are a lot of cool set up in your home, around you, or in your office. There are countless objects of nature around you, and each single picture you take can contribute massively to your website’s success.

Using images to get results is as simple as explained below:

  • Take a cool, non-copyrighted, image around you
  • Make sure the image is of high quality and properly taken
  • Upload it online to Flickr and other image sharing sites
  • Add a description to the image; include a link to your blog in the description, and make sure you tag the image to increase its visibility on the image sharing site.
  • Repeat the process again and again, and wait for the results to come.

Of course the process won’t be as easy as I explained it, but the results actually lies in taking action and getting started asap.

Here’s a list of top image sharing sites you can start with!

Which Other Tactic are You Using?

This list is pretty small, and I’d like to add more to my list of tactics to consider this year. What other tactic are you using? Kindly share with us in the comments below!

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  1. says:

    Here’s my personal spin on viral reports:

    * Taking your existing blog content;
    * Compiling them into free eBooks!

    I thought of this one day after thinking on the following problem: I have around 200 blog posts buried deep within my blog, so how do I get my visitors to see all that content?

    And then it hit me – I can compile different blog category articles into eBooks in a number of popular formats and give them away in exchange for an e-mail address!

    I already published the first one out of 9 eBooks I’ve planned this year and eventually I’m going to have 9 banners sitting on my sidebar.

    I think it’s a win-win for both – I get to grow my list and traffic, my visitors get to actually read what I have to offer!

  2. says:

    Well said Oni. I should be looking into podcasting on my blog soon. I think it’s the new guest posting technique now. Guest posting with voice, taste and character – and it works. Thanks for making it cool Bro. Write you soon!

  3. says:

    As always, killer information. I have a great topic for a viral eBook that you just reminded me to write. Thanks.

    One quick question, do you have a well-designed marketing technique to sell your products through your website the same way Joey does with his free eBook?

  4. says:

    Omigosh, that image posting thing is so obvious I can’t believe I didn’t think of it myself! Then again, that describes about nine out of ten things I see on your or Joey’s blogs: simple yet powerful. You can bet I’ll be snapping pictures and pasting them up on a boatload of image sharing sites, then backlinking to my blog. Yippee!


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