11 Nothing But Content Links Worth Clicking

links-worth-clickingA few years ago, I was at an Internet Marketing Seminar and some random person came up to me and said …

Joey, I like your style. You give nothing but content.

I’ll never forget that. Since then, it’s become a slogan of mine. It’s what I do. I give Nothing But Content…

Turns out that guy was one of my subscribers on my old YouTube account. I had uploaded a video talking about the event and that I was gonna be there.

The event was in his home town and he just came up to meet me. Kinda cool. My first real experience with meeting a subscriber of mine.

The IP Blog, my old JKDC blog, and pretty much everything I do is simply Nothing But Content.

I like to think that I give the best possible content material I can provide. I’ve always done that. Even way back in the days when I was just starting out.

Today I’d like to share with you some of my favorite articles from some of the blogs I read regularly.

These blogs give nothing but content and I really hope you enjoy these articles as much as I have.

Everyone of these articles have influenced me in one way or another and is my hopes that they do the same for you.

So with that said …have a blast reading them ;-)

11 Nothing But Content Links Worth Clicking

Write Epic Shit: The title says it all. I just had to put this one first. In order to really grab the readers attention, you must write epic stuff. You have to give 150% of what you have. Half ass content will show in your writing. This is my favorite post of all time on this blog.

5 Ways To Know If Your Content Sucks and 4 Ways To Fix It: If you don’t know if your content sucks or not, this post will definitely help you with that.

Living Self-Employed Online: The Manual They Forgot to Give You: Being your own boss and being self employed isn’t all that’s cracked up to be. You can actually become your own slave. This post is sort of a guideline to the self employed lifestyle.

5 Things People Will Pay The Most Money For: If you think you know what people want, or will pay for, think again. Read this article. It’ll give you a new prospective on what people are actually looking for.

5 Psychological Master Keys That Will Open The Doors to More Sales: Want to increase sales? Use some psychology. The simplest, little, minor things can make such a huge difference.

Sell Your Crap, Pay Off Your Debt, Do What You Love: A very inspirational video on what freedom means to you. One of my favorite quotes in this video is, “Start collecting experiences and not things”. A Must Watch!

A Step Towards Ethical Link Building – What Happened and What Now?: If you’re into the whole niche marketing and seo type stuff, you need to read this article. Don’t by into the hype about google going after all niche marketers. If you’re doing the right things, you’ll be ok.

The Top 5 Things Remarkable Entrepreneurs Should NEVER Do. Ever!: A great list article on what WE, as entrepreneurs should never do. You always see tons of stuff on things you should do and must do, but hardly ever see people showing you exactly what not to do.

Questioning All Advice, Rules And Best Practices For Social Media Success: No matter what advice you’re given, what rules you follow, always have questions and don’t be afraid to ask them.

Why Bloggers Should Consider Podcasting: This is a podcast on some of the top bloggers and how podcasting has benefited them in such a positive way. Podcasting has definitely benefited me. I’m reaching more people and a new audience I would never have if not for podcasting.

The Truth About Shortcuts To Making Loads Of Money Online: This is by yours truly ;-) It’s one of my most popular post ever. It’s on my old blog but I still direct people to it. It’s good to hear the truth once in a while.

Enjoy These Great Reads

Ok then, that’s pretty much it. These are some of my favorite posts that are jammed packed with nothing but content. Hope you enjoy them.

If you’ve got any favorites ones you think are nothing but content, please share them. I would love to read, listen, or watch them.


  1. He’s right – you’re one of the few bloggers out there who doesn’t hit me with offers left and right but continues to hit me with extremely valuable content :)

    Awesome posts there – gonna check out the one on podcasting as I got my setup the other day and am going to start doing some episodes soon!


  2. Hey, Joey.

    What a great resource you have here. I particularly like the link to the “self-employment manual.” That was a great read. I don’t have any links of my own to share, but I just wanted to stop by and say thanks!


    • Joey K.

      Thanks Oliver. I agree with you on the Self Employment one. That was an awesome post. I’m glad you like them ;-)

  3. Yikes! Looks like my content is one of the problems with my blog. Luckily, I’m reaching out to professionals in my niche and will hopefully get an idea of what they want to learn about.

    Thanks for the tough love, Joey.

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